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Portable 128 Elements Linear Probe Black White Wireless Probe Scanner Portable Ultrasound for Mobile
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-Scanning mode: Electronic array

-Display mode: B, B/M

-Probe element: 128

-Channel of RF circuit board: 32

-Probe frequency and scan depth, head width:

-Probe frequency: 7.5MHz/10MHz

-Scan depth: 20/40/60/100mm

-Head width: 40mm

-Image Adjust: BGain, TGC, DYN, Focus, Depth, Harmonic, Denoise, Color Gain, Steer, PRF

-Cineplay: auto and manual, frames can set as 100/200/500/1000

-Puncture assist function: the function of in-plane puncture guide line, out-of-plane puncture guide line, automatic blood vessel measurement.

-Measure: Length, Area, Angle, heart rate, Obstetrics

-Image save: jpg, avi and DICOM format

-Image frame rate: 18 frames / second

-Battery working time: 3~5 hours(according to different probe and whether keep scan)

-Battery charge: by USB charge or wireless charge, take 2 hours

-Dimension: 156×60×20mm

-Weight: 220g~250g

-Wifi type: 802.11g/20MHz/5G/450Mbps

-Working system: Apple iOS and Android, Windows

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