[Product name]:pet multifunctional toothcleaner
[Product code]:WN1806-CW
[Product material]:ABS
[Product color]:pink, blue
[Product specifications]:210×31×31mm

[Product founction]:remove tooth stains, calculus, plaque


Instructions for use:
1. Remove the 3D silicone brush head and install it clockwise;
2. Squeeze the toothpaste on the brush head;
3. Place the tooth stain on the tartar, open the switch, and rotate it properly;
4. Remove the brush head counterclockwise and clean the brush head separately;
5. Replace the polishing brush head and squeeze the appropriate amount of toothpaste;
6. Place the surface of the tooth that needs to be polished, open the switch, and rotate it properly;


The standard configuration includes: 1 host, 1 USB cable, 4 working brush heads, 1 manual and 1 warranty card.

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