1. All products are made of 304 stainless steel
2. Overall laser processing and cutting
3. each product has anti-slip serration
Type I: Suitable for all breeds of short ears, as well as Schnauzer.
Type C is suitable for short-eared dogs. Such as Du Gao, Castro, Stafford, American bullies, etc.;
Type​ L models are suitable for sharpening and long ear type. Mainly used for the Doberman
Type S general purpose. Skilled practitioners can be used in multiple breeds such as Doberman, Boxer, Da Dan, Du Gao, etc.

1 thought on “Professional Ear Cropping Clamp Pitbull Dog Ear Cropping Tools Guide Clamps Veterinary Instruments”

  • Hey there,
    I need this equipment for surgery.
    Already checked through lots of resources.
    but, haven’t get any information about the pricing of the product.

    Please help me with the pricing for the set and for individual type C, type L and type S.

    Thank you..!

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