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Disposable Anesthesia Breathing Circuit Corrugated Tube Anesthesia Ventilator Breathing Circuits Vet
  • 1200mm
  • Adults-children

1. Breathing Circuit is made of EVA, PP, PVC. The tubes have a good flexibility and bending resistance, not meander, not broken, that mechanical ventilation in the process smooth gas supply.

2. Standard connector (15mm,22mm).Breathing Circuit uses standard connector that is simple convenience in clinic.

3. The cytotoxicity test, anaphylaxis test and skin - stimulation test indicate that Breathing circuit will not bring stimulation to patient, allergic reactions and any other damage. Also it will not send out poison by using.

4. Specifications: Corrugated Circuit & Telescopic Circuit & Bain Circuit

5. Length : 1200mm.

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