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Dog Catheters Sterile Veterinary Urinary Catheter Sterile Urethral Stone Catheter
  • PVC
  • dog
  • yes
  • 1.3mm 1.6mm 2.0mm 2.6mm
  • 500mm
  • 3 years

Urinary catheterization is a method of expelling urine by inserting a catheter into the bladder through the external opening of the urethra. The purpose is to relieve urinary retention, to exclude urine accumulated in the bladder or to take fresh and pure urine for testing.

High quality PVC, non-toxic sterile (ethylene oxide sterilization), closed end, 2 side openings. Animals have no obvious pain.

Note:Do not use petroleum-based lubricants such as petrolatum, baby oil, body fluid, massage oil, butter, etc.

4 sizes are available (please use under the guidance of a doctor):

1.3*500 mm, it is suitable for small puppies such as toy Teddy Deer Dog Chihuahua

1.6*500 mm. It is suitable for puppies, such as VIPs, Bichon, Bomei, etc.

2.0*500 mm. It is suitable for medium-sized dogs, such as Labrador, Husky, etc.

2.6*500 mm.It is suitable for big dogs, such as Dajinmao, Alaska, etc.

Wash hands before use and lubricate the outside of the catheter with medical glycerin or other water-based lubricant.

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