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100PCS Digital Thermometer Probe Cover Electronic Thermometer Protective Cover Disposable Pet Thermo
  • Digital Thermometer Probe Cover

1. 100 pieces per box.

2. Structure of the product The protective sleeve is formed by superimposing a sheet of paper on top and two layers of middle film together, and then hot pressing the mold.

3. Features of the product The paper and film inserted into the entrance of the protective cover of the thermometer probe are heat-sealed and glued together, in order to prevent the user from accidentally inserting the thermometer probe between the paper and the film without entering the protective cover.

4. Product materials Paper: 45g ± 5 / white wood pulp paper. Film: PE + EVA.

5. Film properties Film thickness: 0.025 ± 0.005. Film color: white or transparent. The film has a good opening after heat sealing, ensuring that the thermometer probe is smoothly inserted into the protective sleeve. The film has good sealing performance after heat sealing to ensure that the protective sleeve does not leak water or air. The film material is free of phthalates and bisphenol A.

6. How to use the product The thermometer probe is inserted into the bottom of the protective sleeve, and the outer packaging paper can be removed after use.

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