12pcs Cat Urinary Catheter with Stylet Veterinary Urinary Cat Catheters Sterile Urethral Stone Catheter 1.0/1.3mm Side Opening

Name: Urinary Cat Catheters, with stylet
1.0*130mm fine
1.3*130mm thick
Sterilization method: EO
Material: Polyethylene PE with wire probe
Structure description: round end head with two side drainage holes to avoid damage to mucosal tissue during intervention
Luer lock connector with handle design for better grip;
Handle-end Luer lock interface for easy connection to syringes and urine bags
Suture holes are designed at the base for easy fixing
Placement time: 1-3 days in the medium and long term
Production date: March 22, 2019, valid until March 21, 2022.
Packing: English packaging, sterile.
Express defaults to the world, if you need other express, please note or contact the second.

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